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Built on a foundation of our core values: Care. Serve. Improve. Ranier and Son is dedicated to building communities and a future for generations to come. Our team of professionals are steadfast in their mission to remain customer focused, creating an environment where collaboration flourishes and growth originates.

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Vice President of Development & Acquisition

Stephen Grove

Stephen Grove was named Vice President of Development & Acquisition in 2022. He and his team are responsible for all of Stylecraft’s land assets.

Stephen Grove was named Development & Acquisition Manager for Stylecraft in 2018. In 2022, he was named Vice President of Development & Acquisition. He and his team are responsible for all of Stylecraft’s land assets. He works closely with a host of both internal and external parties in order to ensure Stylecraft has the land inventory available to continue to provide a quality product for years to come. He oversees the acquisition, entitlement, design and development processes of all of Stylecraft’s properties. Stephen received both his Master’s and Undergraduate degrees from Texas A&M, and brings experience in both project management and construction. When not working, Stephen enjoys new adventures in traveling with his wife Brianne, and two children. He is an avid outdoors man who enjoys teaching his children about everything from hiking to hunting. He is integrally involved in his church community and enjoys teaching classes and participating in community service projects with his friends and family.
Sean Bowen
Development & Acquisition
Assistant Manager

[email protected]
m (972) 897-9191
o (979) 690-1222 x.158

Juan Alfaro
Land Development Manager

[email protected]
m (305) 788-1978
o (979) 690-1222 x.100

Amanda Harvey
Communities Manager

[email protected]
m (949) 702-2073
o (979) 690-1222 x.129

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